new acts welcome

New acts are welcome but must request a 7 minute open spot well in advance. The new acts compete on the open mic for the legendary The
Lucky Duck Award – since 1996!

To win the coveted Lucky Duck, the audience vote for the number one act at the end of the night. Whichever act gets the loudest cheer and applause, wins the Lucky Duck judged by the MC/producer.
It’s best to email below with New Act/Open Mic in the subject line.


Remember only request a spot when you’re sure you are ready, available and able to fulfill.

Failure to show up can lead to a 6 month ban and in some cases a ban forever.

While we’re not prudes, we do not tolerate undesirable sexual content, racist content or humour to offend or just shock.

Material must have a funny logic behind it and not a personal account of your sexual history that no one wants to know, otherwise you’re in the wrong club!