@ The Ha’penny Bridge Inn,

Temple Bar,

Dublin 2.


Admission: Adults 10/ Students 7

The Battle of the Axe continues to PRODUCE, NOURISH, and ESTABLISH the careers of the very best performers on the Irish open mic comedy & singer/songwriter circuit.

                                     Legends!  Emman Idama, Mags McHugh and Damian Clark

Established in 1996, Battle of the Axe presents an eclectic mix of new and established talent. Stand-up comedy, singer/songwriters & open mic, are premier features of the Battle of the Axe show on Tuesday nights.

Here acts compete on the open mic for the legendary The Lucky Duck Award. A hugely popular Award that can date as far back as 1996! Not bad for a twenty-three year old duck.

Meanwhile THURSDAY night features some of the best stand-up comedy, improv and sketch performances to be seen in Dublin city.

The gig is one of Ireland’s longest established clubs and continues to feature impromptu guest performances from established luminaries from the International and Irish Comedy Circuit.

If your idea of a good night out is to experience the perfect pint in a quintessentially intimate Dublin pub, while being entertained by some of the best new and established talent the Nation has to offer, then please, drop in to Battle of the Axe at the Ha’Penny Bridge Inn on Tuesday or Thursday nights!

We Are Here!

The Ha’penny Bridge Inn, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland.




Tues Dec 3rd: Michael Rice MC, Pascale Giordano, Padraig Williams, Jenny Kavanagh and open mics.

To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751675

Thurs Dec 5th: Jessica Collins MC, Andrew Dorman, Fran Winston, Tiny James and supports. 

To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751455

Tues Dec 10th: Padraig Williams MC, Jayde Blake, David Coughlan, David Byrne (UCD) & open mics.

To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751615

Thurs 12th: Mark McConnell MC, Ita Fitzmahony, Matthew Tallon, Louise O’Toole, Tarik Burns, Brenda Woods Finegan, Danny Kidane and supports.

To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751635

Tues 17th: Final Lucky Duck of the year! Terry O’ Neill MC, Matthew Tallon, Siobhan Wallace, Barry O’Connor and open mics.

To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751655

Thurs 19th: Christmas Show and final gig of the year – Emman Idama MC, Eimear O’Mahony, Andrew Dorman, Pascale Giordano and supper supports.

To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751445


No gigs Dec 24th, 26th and 31st – We’re closed & wish everyone a happy festive season. 



Thurs 2nd: Andrew Dorman MC and show. To Book – https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751625

Tues 7th: Billy DeCourcy MC and show. To Book – https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751705

Thurs 9th: Dave Reilly MC and show. To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751585

Tues 14th: Aideen McQueen MC and show. https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751665

Thurs 16th: Ciaran McMahon MC and show. To Book https://www.ticketweb.ie/event/the-battle-of-the-axe-hapenny-bridge-inn-tickets/9751745



GOOGLE MAP – We are here!
The Ha’penny Bridge Inn, 42 Wellington Quay,Temple Bar, Dublin2.