Admission: Adults 10/ Students 7


The Battle of the Axe continues to produce, nourish and establish the careers of the very best performers on the Irish open mic comedy & singer/songwriter circuit. Established in 1996 the Battle of the Axe presents an eclectic mix of new and established talent.

Stand-up comedy, singer/ songwriters & open mic are premier features of the Battle of the Axe show on Tuesday nights while Thursday night features some of the best stand-up comedy, improv and sketch performances to be seen in Dublin city.

The gig is one of Ireland’s longest established clubs and continues to feature impromptu guest performances from established luminaries from the International and Irish Comedy Circuit. If your idea of a good night out is to experience the perfect pint in a quintessentially intimate Dublin pub while being entertained by some of the best new and established talent the Nation has to offer drop in to Battle of the Axe at The Ha’Penny Bridge Inn on Tuesday or Thursday nights!

August Listings 2018

Thursday Aug 2nd: Billy De Courcy MC – Tim Charles, Brian Adeleye, David Gilna + Guests

Tuesday Aug 7th: Ciaran McMahon MC – Andrew Doorman, Conor Diskin, Niamh Bhreathnach, Gillian Fitz + and open mics on The Lucky Duck

Thursday Aug 9th: Ciaran McMahon MC – Dan Hendricks, Sean Drawn, Stephen Hamon, Betsy Speer & Guests

Tuesday Aug 14th: Ciaran McMahon MC – Neil Houlihan, Mel Kelly, Olywer Johansson, Pascale Giordano and open mics  on The Lucky Duck

Thursday Aug 16th Ciaran McMahon MC  Sean Drawn, Mel Kelly, Conor Cregan, Ita Fitzmahony, Jacqui Enright & Guests

Tuesday Aug 21stCiaran McMahon MC – AJames Shearer, Donal Butler, Louise O’Toole, Kari Johnson and open mics  on The Lucky Duck

Thursday Aug 23rdCiaran McMahon MC – Brenda Woods Finnegan, Padraig Williams, Ita Fitzmahony, Conrad Hoop & Guests

Tuesday Aug 28th: Joe Dowlin MC – Sean Begley, Mark McConnell, Niall The Ferit, Fran Winston, Brian Keegan, Grace Mulvey and open mics  on The Lucky Duck

Thursday Aug 30th Joe Dowlin MC – Mark McConnell, Kari Johnson, Brian Keegan, Grace Mulvey, Eamon De Freitas and guests

September Listings 2018

Tue Sept 4th 9.30pm: Dakota Mick, Una McMahon, John O Keefe + open mics

Thurs Sept 6th: Jessica Collins, Shane Brosnan, Stephen Naughton + guests

Tue Sept 11th: Laura Forsythe, Denny McDermott, Kevin Larney + open mics

Thurs Sept 13th: Marlon Simeon, Tiny James & Sean Drawn + guests 

New acts always welcome! See our contact us section for more information.